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Accuracy and Efficiency
Quality Accounting

As with any system, “inputs” and “outputs” exist within accounting. Most businesses focus on one output: their “Bottom-Line”. To understand your overall financial position, businesses must consider other outputs such as:
Outputs of your accounting system are only as beneficial as the quality of inputs into the system. So how do you get quality inputs? You need a team with in-depth knowledge of accounting principles, expertise in workflow management, and experience in a variety of industries to provide your business with quality outputs.

Where does ARPAC fit in your system?

Complete Solution
Manage your entire accounting workflow and produce financial statements to stakeholders
Bottleneck Reducer
Assist in specific accounting roles to relieve bottlenecks in your workflow
Tax Compliance
Ensure tax compliance with recordkeeping and reporting requirements
About us
Jesus founded ARPAC Financial Solutions on the belief that accounting operations are just as critical as the core operations of a business. In his 7 years of experience in the field, he saw a need for efficient workflows to produce relevant information for decision makers.
Services Offered

We offer Full-Charge Bookkeeping services to address each business’s specific needs. We also offer tax consultation and preparation to help businesses stay compliant with tax requirements. From bank reconciliations to tax filing, we have you covered!

Our Goal

ARPAC’s goal is to promote efficiency, ensure GAAP and Tax compliance, and provide reliable information for decision making purposes. ARPAC strives to provide accuracy, efficiency, and quality on every project.


Jesus Morales-Grace was very knowledgable, courteous and patient assisting me with my Quickbooks set up. If I ever need further guidance with accounting questions, quickbooks, profit and loss, categorizing my expenditures, or anything from a bookkeeping standpoint I will always reach out to Jesus.
Rick Perez
Rock ‘n’ Real Estate
Jesus was absolutely terrific to work with while he was preparing our S-Corp tax return. Especially considering I came to him extremely last-minute and he was still able to meet the very short deadline I had requested. In addition to simply having the ability to get the return prepared so quickly and thoroughly, he was still available over those days to answer several questions that I had for him as well as questions that came up during the process, using the opportunity to truly educate rather than responding with complicated legalese. I will definitely be using Jesus for future tax return preparation as well as general bookkeeping/accounting problems I run into.
Robert Harrison
Home Helpers Home Care

I’ve been self employed for 7 years and have always struggled to keep my books and taxes in order. Tax season was always stressful largely in part because I felt like all the tax preparation services I used were just inputting numbers on a tax form and hitting send to the IRS. Working with Jesus on my business and personal taxes I feel confident about things being done right and I’m relieved to finally say I’ve found my tax guy! Jesus is very organized, meticulous and actually took the time to review all my numbers thoroughly. He asked a lot of questions throughout the process to ensure everything was accurate which I really appreciate. Service is top notch, turnaround times are great and pricing is very reasonable especially for small business owners. Very grateful to be working with ARPAC and I’m already recommending them to everyone I know!

Mario R. Velasco

Golden State Trade Co.